Richard Munaba

Windowed Vistas is an interactive/new media installation that investigates the relationship between human–technology–nature, and how our current technologically centered lifestyle has led us further away from nature. I attempt to make nature “relevant again” to the current tech minded generation by taking nature to technology and technology to nature through the use of post–Internet/post–modern visual vernaculars and nostalgia.

I am very much fascinated by the idea of “contained nature” and the human desire of conquering nature. As technology advances, we as a society shift what we think as “natural”. Going back to the Romanticism era in art history, nature was depicted as vast, wild, unpredictable, and extreme as a response to the Industrial Revolution at that time. Now living in a post-Industrial Revolution time, with technology that changes very rapidly, what are our responsibilities to nature, our advancement in technology, and our way of living? Windowed Vistas is my attempt to bring nature relevant once again in a technologically driven world, where people care more about if they cracked their iPhone screen after dropping them than the effects of our current way of living to the natural environment.


Multidisciplinary artist based in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Working mainly in sculpture, photography, and video, I explore queer themes and life in a post-internet age.