Our annual juried exhibition features work created with technology-based new media, electronic, and digital tools. Our upcoming exhibition will run from Monday, November 14th to Wednesday, December 7th at the Pearl Conard Art Gallery, located on the Ohio State University-Mansfield campus. Accompanying the exhibition is a series of hands-on workshops that will be held at the Ohio State University main campus, the Columbus College Art & Design, and the ROY G BIV Gallery.


The Pearl Conard Art Gallery

For additional information regarding the Pearl Conard Art Gallery space, please visit u.osu.edu/pcagallery or contact them at pearlconardgallery@gmail.com

2972835_orig-1oh3pgwFunded in the mid-1980s by a gift from the John and Pearl Conard Foundation, the Pearl Conard Art Gallery at The Ohio State University at Mansfield hosts an exciting series of exhibitions each year. The gallery is located in Mansfield, Ohio, approximately 80 miles southwest of Cleveland and 65 miles northeast of Columbus.

The Fuse Factory annual juried exhibition 2016 explores the theme of ANTHROPOCENE. The artworks included in the exhibition examine the following:

  • How artists enable us to view technology, as it is manifested by an anthropocentric mindset, in a more critical manner
  • How artists shape our perception of how technology can and should be used to harness and shape the natural world for the betterment of all
  • How artists create technological interfaces and forms that mediate rather than dominate, i.e., encourage cohabitation and coexistence between humans and nonhuman living beings, and organisms, and between organic and inorganic systems (systems that are computational, mechanical, programmable, etc.)



The Fuse Factory is a hands-on art and technology lab. We expose the general public to new media art, sound art, and experimental music created with a diverse range of high and low technologies. Our public programming includes free exhibitions, participatory workshops, and live performances.

Documentation of our 2015 juried exhibition can be found at http://fuse2015.thefusefactory.org/.